Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yet another IDF Ambassador

Dr.A.R.K. Pillai welcomed Mr. Naveen Gowda, MBA student from SIES College of Management, Navi Mumbai as IDF Social Ambassador. "I have pleasure in sponsoring a child in IDF Gurukul", said Naveen as he handed over the sponsorship cheque to Dr.Pillai.

"I am impressed by the activities of IDF and i had the privilege of participating in the new year celebration with leprosy patients. I am happy that IDF has selected me as Social Ambassador today. This social status will help me in promoting IDF objectives in public", Naveen expressed confidently.

Dr. A.R.K. Pillai, Dr. Narayan B. Iyer and Mr. Hari Thampy congratulated Mr. Naveen Gowda as he was inducted as the new social ambassador.

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arkviews said...

We welcome Mr Naveen Gowda as our IDF Ambassador. Ever since Naveen paricipated in a public programme at the Vimala Centre for leprosy patients, he was for educating poor and disadvantaged children. He has been telling his friends too to support IDF Programmes in national interest. His entry into the fold of Ambassadors with a donation cheque is creditable indeed.

IDF welcomes Naveen!

Dr.ARK Pillai

C said...

Chennai team welcomes Mr.Naveen Gowda as our IDF Ambassador. Since he is a MBA student, he will participate many of our programme as well as carry out our activity to many youths in our country. His contributions will bring more young ambassadors to IDF. We wish him best of luck.

Chidambaram and chennai team.