Wednesday, May 14, 2008

IDF Ambassador speaks on his visit to Vimala Centre

Mr. Hariharan M.B., IDF Ambassador speaks about his experience of visiting Vimala Dermatological Centre at Mumbai.

"Today I visited Vimala Dermatological Centre, one of the health projects which is supported by Indian Development Foundation. Accompanying me was Dr.Narayan Iyer, National Coordinator of Indian Development Foundation.

Vimala Dermatological Centre is a premier institution which was established in 1976 and located close to sandy beach of Versova in North Mumbai.The centre is run by Congregation of Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate(founded in Italy). Close to 900 sisters are involved in active humanitarian services in India and abroad.It is funded by IDF, GLRA and other NGOs.

During my visit i met with Sister Bertilla Capra, who is the Director of the centre. Closing 70 years Sister Bertilla spend almost 38 years with Vimala Dematological Centre. Her compassion for fellow beings who are under priveleged has brought her to India leaving her hometown Italy.

We also noted the beautifully maintained garden which seems to be personally supervised by Sister Bertilla.We were taken around the project by Sister Sisily, who is the administration incharge.The centre houses a OPD (Outpatient department) in centre with buildings both sides. There is a convent where sisters stay, attached to a chapel.The atmoshpere in the chapel is serene. We met leprosy patients in the rooms who narrated their sufferings and also how they were taken care of by the Sisters. Looking at the sisters who patiently and persistently took care of each children, i was moved by their selfless service.The projects aims at embracing the leprosy, TB patients in the surrounding areas and provide free medical facilities to them.

The center has also taken up boarding since 1995 , covering childrens from age of 4-15 years. This was an additional attempt to ensure a better tomorrow for the children.

Leaving the Vimala Centre, I recalled the IDF theme "Why postpone goodness in Life" I appeal to readers to contribute their mite to NGOs like IDF who are working for the empowerment of India.

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