Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shiloh, the new Young IDF Ambassador

TIMES OF INDIA, Chennai on 23rd April 08 reports

10 year old raises fund for leprosy patients

CHENNAI: Ten-year-old Shiloh Jessie Francisca, who wants to become an IAS officer to help others, is en route to fulfiling her desire partially. She has single-handedly raised Rs 37,260 for the Indian Development Foundation (IDF) to help those suffering from tuberculosis and leprosy.

"My teacher said we could help sick people by collecting donations for the organisation. For this, I approached our relatives, family friends, neighbours and my father's colleagues," she said.

In recognition of her services, the organisation appointed the young social worker as one of their ambassadors on Tuesday. "We believe that children are excellent at spreading the message of change and creating awareness. In fact, their actions have a ripple effect," said Narayan B Iyer, national co-ordinator of IDF.

Shiloh's donating spirit comes as no surprise having grown up in a household that doubles up as a haven for underprivileged children in the neighbourhood. Her father, Ravichandran, who works at Annamalai University, and mother Hanu Shiba, a school teacher, spend their earnings educating these children.

Shiloh's decision to enrol as a volunteer thrilled IDF representatives.

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