Monday, April 28, 2008

Joint Action strengthens social work

The Editor
Joint Action
(A magazine of IDF)

Dear Editor :

Received your recent edition of JOINT ACTION.

All the articles were readable and useful for medical and non medical people.

I am glad that school children are taking interest in the eradication of LEPROSY and TB. All the students are well versed in the above diseases and they are the future citizens who shape the health of the nation.

I am also happy to note all your team leaders are taking active part in your effort to eradicate these two diseases from the world.

Services of Dr. Franklin in Karnataka, Mr. Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu and Dr. N.B. Iyer at All India level are highly appreciable.

I congratulate your efforts in bringing out this useful booklet every quarter.

With regards,

Dy. Director of Health Services (Leprosy & TB) [Retd]


Note : Joint Action is a quarterly magazine of IDF.
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