Monday, January 14, 2008

Festival of Life

The PYP students of Podar International School, Santacruz visited St. Catherine's Home at Veera Desai, Andheri to celebrate Makarsankranth.

Indian Development Foundation, a national NGO organised a get-together programme of the Podar students and St. Catherine's students where they mixed with each other and distributed colourful kites made by them. Most of the kites were made of recycled papers or newspapers in order to save environment.

The CAS Co-ordinator of Podar International School Ms. Sarala Gavane led a group of 100 students from standard 3rd and 4th to St. Catherine's School in the morning hours of Monday where she explained the importance of Makar Sankranth to the students gathered and also conveyed the message of love and brotherhood.

The national co-ordinator of IDF Dr. Narayan Iyer talked to the students and congratulated Podarites for coming forward and participating in such a meaningful exchange programme. Every school should have such kind of exchange programme where the students mixes with others and share the joy of participation. It's festival time to celebrate the winter solstice and the change of direction which is nothing but changing from the darkness of delusion towards knowledge, light and wisdom, said Dr. Iyer

The visiting students presented beautifully made colourful kites to the St. Catherine's School children. Every child took keen interest in the exchange programme and shared personal information. It was all a fun to see the colourful sight in the St.Catherine's garden. Students teaching each other the method of tieing strings to the kites and the tips to fly kites high in the sky. Some kites had snake like tail and fish like body, while some looked like hearts. It's really fun to fly kites and also share love with the Catherine's children, said Stuti a student from Podar School.

The visiting students also presented til gud laddos to the St. Catherine's students which signified the message of sweetness in life. The students were so engrossed in their pricks and pranks that parting became a matter of difficulty. Podarites too gave an invitation to the St. Catherine's children to visit their school on such festive occasions.