Monday, March 19, 2018

IDF GivEducation...

31st March is fast approaching. Donations to IDF are exempt under section 80G of IT Act. Why postpone goodness in life. What is possible today may not be possible later. Donate your mite and feel the difference.
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Giving Education is beyond description, it is a sacred and benevolent act. Those who give experience this joy in their inner most part of the heart. Donate Rs.1000/ Rs.2000/ Rs.5000/ Rs.10000/= for IDF Bal Gurukuls in India. Indian Development Foundation (IDF) runs 200 Bal Gurukuls, catering to 10,000 plus children in India. IDF Bal Gurukuls are an after-school programme which guides and empowers the first time school-goers. IDF Bal Gurukuls are run on charity/ public donations. Your support will strengthen the ongoing program and help its sustainability. YOUR DONATIONS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR TAX REBATE UNDER SECTION 80G OF INCOME TAX ACT. Every support counts. Every donation is BIG to us.

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