Thursday, May 18, 2017


NGID program was conducted  at St Catherine's school on May 11th , 2017 sponsored by Nielsen India partnered with Indian Development Foundation . This is the 6th consecutive year Nielsen is partnering with Indian Development  Foundation .Our very own Indian Development Foundation CEO and National Coordinator  Dr Narayan Iyer was  part of the project along with Nielsen volunteers.

110 children who came on a holiday were not at all disappointed. The chief guest was Ms Kartiki Patel a Paraplegic and a National level Basketball, Badminton and Swimmer . She reinforced the lesson that  everyone is unstoppable with success irrespective of whatever maybe the condition. Only the hunger for success and courage was a keen takeaway on her talk to the children. The children were motivated so much on hearing and seeing her.

A musical treat was rendered by famous musician and singer Mr Mahesh Jayaram adding more color and joy to all the volunteers and children . What a day ! Jai Ho as Dr Narayan Iyer would say

The gifts of notebooks and new compass box were given to all children for the academic year. Getting something new brings so much pleasure to the children.

The Nielsen volunteers were so humbled and enriched with this experience vowing to come back with more vigour and joy next year

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