Monday, October 17, 2016

Straight from the heart !

Jai Ho IDF team!

Heartfelt thanks Dr.Iyer sir for the invite. A saturday afternoon truly well spent.

The hall was brimming with knowledge, talent & goodness. So many revelations about Kalam sir inspite of  reading his books & visiting his village Rameshwaram & his birthplace Danushkodi.

The thought provoking speeches made by the three eminent speakers & scholars made today's day really the one to be cherished. Firstly the touching speech of Dr.Geetha Mohan about her mother & her teacher making her feel so special & not small during her challenging phases.

Dr.Radhakrishnan Pillai's speech quoting Kalam sir's profound question to the organisers of an event where he was invited," How many children will attend the event?" And how we need to spend time with children & goad them to read. Aptly today is Reading day. October 15th was also declared as Student's Day by the U.N. on Kalam sir's 79th birthday.

Not to forget Nuclear scientist, Dr.A P Jayaraman's wonderful sharing about Kalam's leadership model. I think there were lot of take aways for the management students from his speech.

Also the inspiring stories of & for the do-gooders of the society. Last but not the least Vijaya Shanker ma'am whom I would call the Lata & Asha of IDF, completely mersmerising the audience with her renditions.

And at the helm of affairs is the unsung hero none other than Dr.Iyer who shoulders every role & responsibility with remarkable ease & total commitment.

Above all the surprising revelation about the 89 year old youngest living inspiration & founder of IDF Dr.ARK.Pillai, who loves to talk about his painting class which he joined at the age of 82 alongside  young kids as his classmates rather than talking about Mother Teresa or Vatican Pope visiting him.

It was inspiring to see how much goodness is there & how people from Pune to America, young or old attended this event & are involved in noble causes.

Hats off to IDF for specially inculcating the value of taking pride in our Indianess & spreading the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

I'm now eagerly waiting to use the IDF diyas made from our very own Bharat ki mitti, by the children of IDF Bal Gurukuls this Diwali.

Jai Ho! Happy & safe Diwali!

Chethana Shetty​
The CHE WAY- Chethana Shetty​

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