Sunday, August 14, 2016

Beach Cleaning Drive@Aksa Beach

With Independence Day Celebration round the corner, everyone is gearing up for the flag hoisting and spreading the words of equality . But with the 70th Independence Day Celebration there is one very essential consideration we need to see is keeping our Environment Clean.
Team Engage ,Team UMEED - A Ray of Hope for Better Tomorrow in associate with Indian Development Foundation (IDF) is extremely happy to Clean up the Aksa Beach ,
Protect the Environment and Create an Awareness for using Eco Friendly Ganesha.We normally visit beaches 'Post Ganpati Visarjan' and what we find is mess, filled with garbage of all types and origins, on the sand, ranging from dangerous objects.
This idea occurred to us because we believe the society we live in does a lot for us, and it is our duty to give something in return to the community. What we give may be in any form such as to sacrifice some of our time for some community work.It is our duty to create sense of civic responsibility during festive seasons
The total efforts by the team was a pleasure in what we were set out to do and what we were doing. Within about 3 hours we had filled our plastic bags with plates, cups, spoons,wafers packets, coconuts, tetra packs etc and created awareness among people not to use POP idols instead bring Eco Friendly Ganpati and give the respect what you want to give to God and save our Environment .
Mumbai Police and many other people appreciated the efforts and work done by us.
Once again, we have shown that by working together we can leave our planet cleaner and more beautiful!Jai Ho

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