Wednesday, May 11, 2016

National Technology Day - IDF launches SKY

National Technology Day - IDF launches SKY

National Technology Day is a very special day for Indian Technology since 1999. It is so significant because India achieved a huge technological advancement on the day. The first, indigenous aircraft “Hansa-3” was test flown at Bangalore on this day. Not only this, India also performed successful test firing of the Trishul missile on the same day. India also executed three successful nuclear tests, carried out at Pokhran, in Rajasthan May 11.

The day glorifies the importance of science in day to day life and motivates students to adopt science as the career option.

On National Technology Day, Indian Development Foundation launches SKY (Skills, Knowledge and You), a programme which will involve teaching students in IDF Bal Gurukuls through Skype.  Distance will not matter for the volunteers when we have technology with us. One can get connected to the Bal Gurukul students through Skype and teach the young minds. Initially we will be focussing on coaching students on English language.  The first programme was tried by the twin-sisters Gayathri and Gowri from University of Minnesota and taught children in IDF's Carmel Bal Gurukul at St. Anthony's Higher Primary School, Jayanagar, Bangalore for an year.  IDF appreciates the wonderful support extended by the twin-sisters in coaching 50 students.  Inspired by them, many volunteers have signed up for volunteering to teach through Skype.  IDF has launches SKY programme to teach children through Skype on this National Technology Day.

The sponsorship for SKY programme in a Bal Gurukul is USD1500 or INR90,000/= for the first year which would cover 240 students in an year and the cost per student works out to Rs.4.70 per day.  The second year it would be USD750 or INR45,000/= and again 240 students will receive the benefit with an expense as low as Rs.3.12 per student per day.  This is the most economical innovative intervention to transfer knowledge through technology.  Those desirous of sponsoring an IDF SKY programme in a Bal Gurukul may write to  This will help us to reach many students in India and connect them globally.

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