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IDF Karmayogi Award 2015

Hero of the People : Shri Harakhchand Savla is the real Karmayogi.

IDF today will be presenting Karmyogi Award 2015 to Shri Harakhchand Savla, founder of Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief and Care Trust for providing food and dignity to the families of cancer patients and excellence in humanitarian service.  The presentation will be done at Vimala Centre, Versova, Yari Road, Mumbai during the Citizens Diwali Meet organized with the leprosy inmates and children of the centre (07-11-15 - 4:00PM). Do join and share the joy of participation.
He first got his epiphany when he was thirty, standing along the road opposite the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. Harakhchand Savla stared at the crowd gathered in front of the hospital, fear etched upon the faces of these cancer patients, as they stood at death’s door. Their relatives looked as worried as they were helpless, as they accompanied the patients. Mostly poor people from distant towns, they had no idea whom to meet or what to do. And they had no money for medicine, or even food.

Savla would return home depressed, haunted daily by the sight that he saw. But this distress soon turned into resolve as he realized his calling; he had to do something for the people.

Savla gave up his thriving business and started a simple program on the pavement right opposite the hospital, providing free meals to the cancer patients and their relatives. He was stirred by his passion to help them, and probably had no idea that what he started would continue to flourish for the next three decades.

The act of kindness was viewed favorably by people in the vicinity and they were inspired. As the number of beneficiaries whom Savla served increased, so did the number of helping hands. Undeterred by the change of seasons, in summer, winter or the dreaded monsoon in India, the program continued growing as the years rolled by. Savla is now assisted by an army of about 150 active volunteers.

The 'Jeevan Jyot' trust founded by Savla now runs more than 60 humanitarian projects. Besides providing food to needy patients, he also supplies free medicine through a medicine bank, supported by the voluntary services of a few doctors and pharmacists. Savla has an especially soft spot for children, and it pains him to see them suffer. He has opened a toy bank for kids suffering from cancer, and recently took 400 of them for a day’s outing. He even goes to the extent of paying for funeral services for the deceased who have no one to do it. 

Savla is now in his late 50s, but his energy is boundless. He walks around the vicinity everyday from afternoon till late evening, tending to the patients and their relatives. For a man who has done so much for so many, Savla keeps a very low profile. To him, the satisfaction of having helped someone means much more than the admiration of people.

Team Indian Development Foundation salute Karmayogi Shri Harakhchand Savla for excellence in humanitarian service.

IDF Karmayogi Award
IDF Karmayogi Award has been awarded to individuals who made a great impact in health, education, poverty alleviation or empowerment/ development programme in India 

2015 - Shri Harakhchand Savla, Founder, Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief and Care Trust, Mumbai
2014 - Shri Narayanan Krishnan, Founder, Akshaya Trust, Madurai
2013 - Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, Cardiac Surgeon and Founder of Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore

2012 - Rev. Sr. Bertilla Capra, Director, Vimala Dermatological Centre (Leprosy Hospital), Mumbai
2011 - Padma Shri Dr. Mrs. Y. G. Parthasarathy, Dean, PSBB Group of Institutions, Chennai
2010 - Shri P. D. Singh, Educationist - Chairman of Tagore Group of Institutions
2009 - Dr. H. Sudarshan, Hon. Secretary, VGKK - Karuna Trust, BR Hills

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