Monday, May 18, 2015

Team IDF visited Maharashtra Fellowship for Deaf in Pune.

Goodness in the Silent Valley......Goodness can be felt by all.
Team IDF visited Maharashtra Fellowship for Deaf in Pune on 16th May 2015. IDF congratulates the founders Mr.Arvind Meshramkar and Mrs. Tara Arvind for the great services rendered for the care and welfare of the hearing impaired children at MFD. The boarding school provides help to the different-abled students from Pune and other districts in Maharashtra coming from very poor background.
IDF will start a Bal Gurukul for a select group of students from mid-June 2015. Special thanks to Dr. Geetha Mohan and Mr.R. Mohan for all the co-ordination. Also thanks to Mr. Gopal Krishnan for supporting the project. Thanks to Suja Chandran,Kishore Krishnan and Vishal Bhatnagar for the Divine Connect.

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