Friday, February 13, 2015


IDF Karmayogi Award for 2014 was presented to Mr.Narayanan Krishnan founder of Akshaya Trust and also the recipient of CNN Heroes 2010 award for feeding 1.2 million poor and destitute people in Madurai. Team IDF Salutes Karmayogi Narayanan Krishnan for the great social movement.
IDF has been annually bestowing KARMAYOGI AWARD on individuals who have touched several lives and brought about change in the society.
Team IDF - Mr. S. Sreeram, Mr. K. Satyamurthy and Mr. Solomon Raja - visited Akshaya Trust, Madurai on 12th Feb. 2015 and presented the Award to Mr. Narayanan Krishnan.
"I am humbled and honoured to receive Karmayogi Award..... I pray the super forces for us and for all the people who are involved in social activity to render their best to this society in any field they work in helping the mankind", said Mr. Narayanan Krishnan

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