Tuesday, January 13, 2015

26th National Road Safety Week Inauguration - Educational Institutions Activities

Inauguration of the 26th National Road Safety week activities for educational institutions in Kendriya Vidyalaya Airforce station, Begumpet, Hyderabad was done on 12th Jan 2015.
Mr. L S Chauhan Deputy commissioner of police traffic Hyderabad was the chief guest and special guest of honors were Mr. T Raghunath, Joint transport commissioner, Hyderabad, Ms. Kalavathi Deput commissioner Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Hyderabad, Mr. Israel , Principal , KV Begumpet ,Wing Commander Sriram From Airforce station Begumpet and ACP Muthyam Reddy.
All the guest emphasised that Road safety is a matter of concern not only for people driving vehicles but also for pedestrians and especially concerning children.
Road crashes are the biggest killer of young people worldwide. Schools can play a key role in preventing road casualties and enabling children, families and everyone to use roads without being endangered.
Taking part in or organising a Road Safety Week is a great way to educate children, young people and parents about the dangers on roads, how we can all take steps to be safer, and how adults can better protect children. It can make a huge difference to children’s lives and help to prevent deaths and injuries.
Road Safety Week is also a time when you can raise awareness about the importance of road safety among other local people.
Indian. Development foundation along with Road Safety club and Telangana motor vehicles inspectors association have planned to conduct activities during the road safety week from 12th - 24th Jan 2015 to increase awareness on road safety. 

A leaflet on road safety was released on the occasion which will be distributed in all educational institutions.
We welcomed everyone to come and participate in the campaign on road safety and help in increasing the awareness which can save many lives.
      I.          Special messages from School Principals on road safety.
  1. Display Posters sent by IDF and Road Safety Club Hyderabad in your entrance hall or on a notice board where parents will see, encouraging parents to drive safely. This could include any creative materials created by the students during the Week.
  2. School children can make groups and identify problems related to road safety around the school location and discuss on what practical steps can be implemented.
  3. IDF and Road Safety Club Hyderabad Invites CREATIVE IDEAS AND SLOGANS on ROAD SAFETY.The best entries will receive prizes.
  4. ROAD SHOW – MUST DO CAMPAIGN –  Students can take up any activity to promote road safety by creating placards and road shows for an hour near the school or the nearest traffic junction. Communicating to parents afterwards how the event went, with pictures and comments, and any road safety messages the school (and the children!) want to put across to them, like asking all parents who drive to slow down to 20mph/30km/h or below in the area , to follow traffic rules, road Signs, over speeding, over loading, unauthorized parking, helmets, seat belts, Drunken driving etc,  dos and don'ts regarding Road Safety.
School Conducting Best Road Show Campaign will be awarded with prize. Pl send all details and photos reg the road show to us at the address given below
  1. Hyderabad Traffic Police has offered free training to schools who are interested.There are two traffic training parks – One at Begumpet and One at Gachibwoli. Interested schools can take their children to these parks.                                                                                                                                                                           For more pictures CLICK HERE

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