Monday, December 22, 2014

A visit to school @ Wada,Maharashtra.

Team Akshayashakti visited the New English school ,Sonale,Wada to inaugurate the newly constructed toilet .This project of constructing toilets was supported and funded by Bank of India.

The inauguration was done by Mr.S.P.Vashistha,Asst General Manager, Bank of India ,Thane.Mr.S.P. Vashistha was deeply touched and impressed by their creativity and explained to the children on how Bank of India will be able to help and support them for their higher studies.

Group of 35 students from Vibgyor high ,a school in Mumbai visited the New English School .This was a part of SSRC programme of Indian Development Foundation and Vibgyor school .The Sonale school children performed tribal dance and the entire students from Vibgyor school joined them.

Special thanks to Akshayashakti Trust...

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