Thursday, November 21, 2013

Indian Development Foundation: Safe Roads for Our future citizens-Road safety training for school children.

Indian Development  foundation (IDF) in collaboration with Road safety club (Hyderabad) organized a  road safety training  in Sanskriti The School, Kothapet, Dilsukhnagar on 21st Nov 2013 for school children as an initiative to educate the public towards accident free India. The programme was conducted by Dr.P.Srinivas, Motor Vehicle Inspector , Andhra Pradesh, and Dr. Geetanjali, Pediatrican , Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad.Dr.Nikhil, Mrs.Swati , Mrs.Rama IDF Social Ambassadors , Mr.Shekar and Mr.Bipin from Road Safety Club attended and helped in coordinating the programme.

Indian Development Foundation and Road safety club invited all to be a part of it … be a pillar to build a nation with safe roads.

Road traffic accidents are one of the most important causes of  ‘accidental' cause of death in children.Road Traffic Accidents are man made mistakes. Every year around 1,40,000 are being killed and around  5, 00,000 are getting injured in India due to road accidents children are oblivious to the danger around them. Curiosity,  short stature, ignorance regarding road safety makes them  even more vulnerable. The risk increases as children reach school age and have more independence and allowed to walk  to school, cycle, visit friends or play in the premises.

There is no doubt that the good habits initiated in the school  are transferred to the parents and other members at home.  One day these children will grow up and become our country’s ‘Future Drivers’ and decide the safety of our roads. Hence it is crucial to address road safety in school at the budding  age- not only to protect them from road accidents but also to build a nation with safe roads 

UN Decade of Action for Road Safety: The UN Road Safety Collaboration has developed a Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.
  “Children Are Too  Young To Die”
             Let us STOP children dying from road traffic accidents

Event objective was to inform children and teachers on "What can you do?"

There are many ways you can help to save little lives:
o  Your mere  presence as representative of Road Safety Club will  make children “THINK ROAD  SAFETY”.
o  You can participate in interacting with children in learning road  safety through activities.
o  For those who are not in the field of road safety; it is a great way  to learn road safety tips from the experts and spread the message  to the community and the loved ones at home.
o  Prepare yourself to be a future trainer to advocate road safety.
It is time to act 

The school management , teachers and students appreciated IDF for arranging this programme and create awareness on Road Safety which has become very important for all. 

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