Monday, September 23, 2013

ITM Business School students gear up for Social Projects

60 students from Institute for Technology and Management (ITM Kharghar) will do social internship with Indian Development Foundation. The team were invited at Vimala Dermatological Centre, Versova, Yari Road, Mumbai on 23rd Sept. and briefed about the social projects. 

3 Groups have been designed with Health, Education and Resource Mobilisation Theme. Students will create health awareness, teach children in IDF Bal Gurukuls and Municipal Schools and also generate resources for social projects. All the students were motivated by IDF team - Dr. ARK Pillai, Dr. Narayan Iyer, Prof. Prajesh Trotsky, Mr. Nasrulla, Ms. Sonakshi Pratap, Mr. PSV Nathan and Ms. Salma Menon.

Piyush and Munmun have been nominated as leaders for the 3 Groups. IDF appreciates the social responsibility initiatives of all the students. BEST WISHES. JAI HO !!!.

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