Wednesday, July 3, 2013

IDF Founder President Dr. A.R.K. Pillai turns 86

Greetings and good wishes from Dr. ARK Pillai.

Dr. ARK Pillai, founder President, Indian Development Foundation visited Vimala Dermatological Centre on 3rd of July 2013 and celebrated his birthday with the children and inmates of the Centre. Dr. Pillai and team IDF distributed food to all the children and the inmates of the Centre and greeted them. Rev. Sr.Hubert and the entire Vimala Centre Team congratulated Dr. Pillai for all the support and prayed for his goodness mission. The inmates of Vimala Centre felt extremely happy to meet Dr. Pillai and they all greeted him with a smile.
IDF gifts 10 new Bal Gurukuls to the nation on Dr. Pillai's birthday.  
Dr. Pillai rededicates his life for social causes as he enters 86 today. In his message, the `social soldier' and octogenarian Dr. Pillai conveyed good wishes to all the children in over 125 Bal Gurukuls spread across India. Dr. Pillai visited the leprosy centre in Mumbai, distributed food to the inmates and spent time with the Vimala children. IDF will strengthen its efforts in health, education and women empowerment projects in India and with the help of Samaritans, networking agencies and schoolteams, IDF will try its best to reach out the needy people, he added.

"Let's care for our fellow-beings and make this our gospel for life. Let's edify and sublimate our lives"........ Dr.ARK Pillai 


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