Sunday, March 25, 2012

World TB Day 2012- TB Awareness Street play at Cooper Hospital, Mumbai - IDF - Rotary Club

Indian Development Foundation in collaboration with Rotary Club of Mumbai North End organised a street play on TB at the Dr. R. N. Cooper Municipal Hospital in Mumbai on World TB Day, 24th March 2012. The street play, performed by Usodeum PLinkerforming Arts team, was well designed to create an impact among the people and remove superstitious belief. Rotarians included - Dr. J. B. Vyas, Ramesh Kurup, J.B. Jain, Aunali Rupani, Sana Rupani, Ananya Save and many others joined IDF Social Ambassadors in distributing TB Awareness Posters to all those present at the venue. Mrs. Grace Pinto, Counsellor of the Medical unit of Rotary Club of Mumbai North End at Cooper Hospital, rendered an excellent support. The entire act of creating TB Awareness and the role of students in social causes were appreciated by Dr. Maya Wadgaonkar, Matron of the Hospital. Volunteers from DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering helped in the co-ordination.

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