Friday, November 4, 2011

Provide a cover of compassion.....Blankets for the poor and needy

Dear Friends :

Greetings and good wishes from IDF !

Hope you all are doing fine. We wish you and everyone in the family a happy time.

First of all let me express our sincere thanks to you for supporting blanket mobilising drive for couple of years now. Blankets are required for the poor leprosy patients and those needy persons in leprosy colonies in northern parts of India and needy and elderly people living in hilly regions in the south of India. Our thanks to you for all your goodness.

The current situation

The winter has already set in some parts of northern region and hilly regions of India. As the days go by, the climate will get colder and colder. It will become very difficult for people, particular the those have-nots living in leprosy colonies and older people to bear the biting cold. It is always better to offer them blankets before hand so that they are protected.

We are confident that this year too we will receive good response from our friends. The more the support received by IDF, the more will be the beneficiaries and more will be blessings received by you and family.

Last year we could mobilise a good number of blankets for poor leprosy patients and underprivileged children under the care of IDF projects.

Our request

We have started receiving requests for blankets from different projects in northern India/ hilly regions in India. It is the time to show your love and warmth to the have-nots in the society. Let's do it now before it is too late. We need atleast 2000 blankets for this winter.

We would request people to come forward and donate blankets or cash for blankets. Donations may be sent to Indian Development Foundation (L 10/ 3 & 4 Jal Ratan Deep, Bangur Nagar, Goregan (W), Mumbai 400 104 - OR We will send a complete report of distribution. Cost per blanket is quoted as Rs.250/= per blanket.

The donation amount may be sent by way of cheque/ DD in favour of Indian Development Foundation. Donations to IDF are exempted under sec 80G of IT Act. As and when we receive the donation for blankets the same will be sent to project areas so that there is no wastage of time in transportation. The blankets are purchased locally and distributed. IDF's Savings Bank A/c. 207001000083586 - IFSC - IOBA0002070 - Indian Overseas Bank, Goregaon (W), Mumbai 400104 (Send mail and confirm - Specify For Blankets)

Why postpone goodness in life ? What is possible today may not be possible later. Please give your love filled with warmth to the leprosy affected people and other underprivileged children.

Looking forward to your kind and continued support and with regards,

Dr. Narayan Iyer

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