Monday, April 19, 2010

Students paints 'environment' in a painting competition.

A splash of colors fill an empty space, a panoramic view is brought alive by painters, paintings depicting the spite and splendor of nature mesmerized the onlookers and the painters were toddlers in the age group of 5-16. An event that brought together children in order to portray their drawing capabilities was conducted by the social ambassadors and volunteers of Indian Development Foundation (IDF), an NGO that has been working for more than two decades for the development of India. A large number of kids from the neighbourhood thronged to the competition venue at MTS Khalsa High School in Goregaon on Saturday the 17th April to paint their creative talents on paper. The event was organized to mark the 40th Anniversary of World Earth Day 2010 which falls on 22nd April.

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a1abhi93 said...

These kinds of competitions really spread awareness among the people. We are also making some contribution from our side. Join the "I THINK GREEN" moment on facebook. Share your GREEN Ideas. Learn from others too. Together we can make our Planet GREEN again.