Sunday, January 31, 2010

Giri's social responsibility

Giri Trading Agency Pvt. Ltd. (a one stop shop for all religious items) initiated a book donation drive for the underprivileged children studying in IDF Bal Gurukuls.

`Customers came forward in good number, purchased choiced books for children and donated for the cause', expressed Mrs. Sharada Prakash, Director of Giri Trading.

`We have been supporting various educational and sponsorship programmes of IDF for some years now and we feel happy that through the good offices of our customers we could reach-out a number of students in IDF Bal Gurukuls', said Mrs. Sharada said with a smile as she handed over the `bulk of benevolence' to Dr. Narayan Iyer of IDF.

IDF thank Giri Trading Agency and its team for the excellent social responsibility initiative.

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