Saturday, September 5, 2009

We Salute Teachers !!! Happy Teachers Day.

A Message on the occasion of Teachers' Day
(5th September 2009)

We greet our teachers on the occasion of the Teachers' Day on September 5.
Teachers' contribution to the society has no parallel. They strain every nerve to teach, mould, counsel, upgrade and enthuse children of all age groups over long years with remarkable dedication. The present day modernisation would have been impossible but for their years of sweat and toil to transform the children into brilliant citizens.
The benefits of modern medicine, miraculous communications and diverse applications through computer technology have been rendered possible because of their kindling spirit and generous motivation. In fact, the modern world of today with all its advancements are a direct result of the teachers' unstinted commitment to carve out a better society and a better world. In this pursuit for developing students for excellence, the teachers have often postponed their own needs, sidelined personal interests and in fact neglected their success areas. Who can ever thank the teachers adequately for their sterling sacrifices?
Academics apart, they have encouraged the students to do social service and kindled in their hearts care and concern for humanitarian causes. The students have excelled themselves in various social activities including help for poor leprosy patients. What can be nobler than this generous gesture ?
There are several unseen blessings that blossom out of teacher-student interactions which lead to emotional strengths, confidence and progress. Teachers have been a tower of strength for the students. They have contributed a mighty share for remarkable progress of countless number of students. In the unseen recess of the hearts of thousands of students, they will be delighted to see a sacred place of worship for every teacher !
We thank the teachers for their generosity and wish them good luck.

We Salute Teachers !

Dr. A.R K. Pillai
Founder President
Indian Development Foundation

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