Thursday, July 2, 2009

IDF Salutes Schoolteams

St. Gregorios High School, Chembur, Mumbai
Ms. Nilima, social service Co-ordinator is seen along with the team of Gregorians extending support to IDF's humanitarian programmes.
Mrs. Ranjini Krishnaswami, Principal is a great supporter of leprosy eradication programme.
New Horizon Public School, Airoli, Navi Mumbai
Mrs. Bulbul Sengupta, Principal - Dr. Jyoti Nair, Vice Principal and Mrs. Lakshmi Ramachandran, Co-ordinator of NHPS extended continued support to IDF's national programmes. NHPS students and their families have been a constant supporter of IDF for several years now.
DAV Public School, Thane
Mrs. Rajesh Tanwar, Principal of DAV Thane is a great supporter of social programmes. The students from DAV-Thane have lent their continued support to IDF's health, education and rural development programmes.
for all their benevolent support.

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