Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In India, 12.5% of TB cases are MDR-TB

Vicious strain of TB resists drugs
The Times of India - 25-05-09 reports

Cases of the multi-drug resistant form of tuberculosis (MDR-TB) -- which can brush aside at least two of the best first-line anti-TB drugs -- are on the rise. The need is early diagnosis and treatment. 

Diagnosing this form of tuberculosis requires a specialized intermediate reference laboratory (IRL) to carry out the culture and sensitivity of sputum. There is no such laboratory in Karnataka. 


* In India, 12.5% of TB cases are MDR-TB 
* MDR-TB commonly develops during treatment due to patients missing doses or failing to complete treatment 

* TB is infectious, caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis 
* A single person can infect 10-15 people in a year 
* Two deaths occur every 3 minutes a day 
* 5,000 new TB cases per day

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