Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Swasthya - Shiksha - Rahat

Podar International School (IB) is preparing tomorrow's global citizens today, said Dr. Vandana Lulla.

We are indeed happy to give our best to the society through Creativity Action and Service (CAS) activities of the IB. In addition to students involvement in social responsibility programmes, i am also of the happy to express that our teachers get involved in the overall development of the society, said Dr. Vandana Lulla, Director of Podar International School.

Podar School has been participating in various social development programmes in collaboration with IDF projects.

Today is World Health Day and our institution is committed to Health, Education and Development and we are happy to partner with Indian Development Foundation, expressed Dr. Vandana.

While addressing the students in the morning assembly Dr. Vandana said, charity begins with onself. One should know how to take care of self. Once you learn how to take care of yourself, you can then extend the service of caring to your family, school and the society at large.
We could see the development taking place in India. But we could see only the majestic structures and buildings. These developments suffer from lack of water and power supply. When we speak of development, we should see that the basic necessities of living are also provided. India's capital is also not spared from power cuts. We have a long way to go in creating a non-conventional energy set-up in India. Awareness is the key and we should curb unnecessary wastages.

In collaboration with Indian Development Foundation, the IB students of Podar International School will work on theme based development in reaching Swasthya - Shiksha - Rahat.

Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, national co-ordinator of IDF thanked Dr. Vandana Lulla and her entire Schoolteam for participating in the social responsibility programmes.

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