Friday, September 19, 2008

It's mindblowing Shanker Sai

Young at 9, Shanker Sai the IDF Ambassador at Hyderabad and student of Kendriya Vidyalaya AFS studying in standard 4, has done excellent social service during the past couple of months.

Services of Shanker Sai include :
visit to several schools - addressed students and talked on social values
visit to oldage homes - talked to senior citizens,
visit to orphanages - motivated the students
meeting several important persons - handed over copies of Joint Action
visit to flood relief camps - distributed clothes, sweets, eats
organising - friendship day, teachers' day, independence day.

It's mindblowing Shanker Sai to see all your activities. Our Salutations to you. We feel proud about your work. We thank Master Karan Dravid our first youngest ambassador for introducing Shanker Sai to IDF.

Indian Development Foundation feel strengthened by Shanker Sai's association. Good luck to you Shanker Sai.

To see complete album of Shanker Sai click the link given below

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