Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blood Donation Drive at Vivek College

Vivek College of Commerce, Goregaon (West) in collaboration with Lions Club of Juhu, Think Foundation, Prabhodhan Blood Bank and Indian Development Foundation organized a Blood Donation and Thalassemia Detection Camp on 20th and 21st of August. The two-day blood donation drive concluded today with an awesome response of 245 units by our students, said Prof.Thangadurai, NSS Co-ordinator, Vivek College of Commerce.

Aiming at collecting maximum units of blood, NSS team made great efforts in mobilizing student volunteers to donate blood. The response was overwhelming with many first time donors coming forward to donate blood with full enthusiasm.

Think Foundation took the responsibility of creating awareness on the importance of blood donation. Mr. Vinay Shetty, Vice President of Think Foundation co-ordinated the event and organized a Thallasamia check for the students of Vivek College.

Students from all streams of our college came forward and did their best in achieving the target of 245 units of blood, expressed Prof. Thangadurai, NSS Co-ordinator, Vivek College of Commerce. The camp is more like a festival for the Vivians as more and more students participated in this social responsibility programme. Year after year the response of donors is incredible, said Prof. Mandar Suresh Thakur.

Every student who donated blood had a smile on their face and they received a badge saying `I donated blood today' . The students were also presented a participation certificate for their noble gesture.

'It took very little time for me to donate blood', said Nimesh. `I feel great to donate blood and save lives and I am a regular blood donor', Jeroline said with a smile. `We need to be sensitized on social issues and come forward to support various causes', expressed Anjali.

Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, National Co-ordinator, Indian Development Foundation congratulated the students of Vivek College of Commerce for their excellent participation in the blood donation drive. Such activities need to be appreciated and students should be motivated to take responsibility in social programmes, he said.

Vidya Padmanabhan, PRO of NSS Unit of Vivek College expressed her sincere thanks to the organizers, the sponsors and all the enthusiastic donors for making the event a gala one.


N M KOTHARI said...

congratulations for the blood camp sucess and all the best for the upcoming event

Anonymous said...

Wonderful effort by organisers & congrats to IDF team and the students who made this possible. Please continue with the good work and God Bless you All.

Cecil Joseph

Kamla said...

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Anonymous said...

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