Saturday, March 1, 2008

CSR - Setco sets a success story

Dear Friends :

Greetings and good wishes !

Corporate Social Responsibility is heard everywhere these days. We had sent an email to our friends about the IDF Greeting Cards. These cards are specially designed by the underprivileged children of our Centre. The proceeds on the sale of IDF GREETING CARDS goes for the uplift of the poor and the needy in the society.

Please see CLICK HERE for getting more details on Cards.

We had suggested to corporates/ companies/ banks/ insurance agencies to GREET their clients/ contacts with IDF Greeting Cards.

We are happy to inform you that SETCO AUTOMOTIVE LIMITED have come forward and purchased IDF GREETING CARDS to GREET their clients/ customers/ employees with IDF CARDS on their BIRTHDAY. We take this opportunity to thank SETCO AUTOMOTIVE LTD in initiating this Social Step and setting an example for others to emulate.

We are CONFIDENT that more CORPORATES will join hands with IDF in wishing their near and dear ones with IDF BIRTHDAY CARDS. Why postpone goodness in life ? What is possible today, may not be possible later !

Don't forget to see the link given above for the details of IDF GREETING CARDS.

Looking forward to your kind support in carrying on the mission,

Dr. Narayan B. Iyer


Dr. Ram Pillai said...

SETCO set a shining example of corporate responsibility by buying IDF Cards for sending to their clients and contacts.

I wish more companies and corporates follow the example set by SETCO.

Good things need to be emulated, isn't it?

Dr.ARK Pillai

Anonymous said...

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