Saturday, November 10, 2007

Diwali at Sumanahalli

IDF team celebrated Diwali with the inmates of Sumanahalli Leprosy Centre, a society for Leprosy, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS at Magadi Road, Viswaneedam in Bangalore on Thursday the 8th Nov. 2007.

IDF team included the youngest IDF Ambassador Master Karan Dravid, Mr. Sai Prem, Miss Francila and Dr. S. Franklin who were received by Rev. Fr. Dr. George Kannanthanum.

Dr. S. Franklin, Area Manager, IDF greeted the inmates of the Centre while handing over dress materials to Rev. Fr. George for distribution to the patients of the Centre. Dr. Franklin appreciated the work of Sumanahalli in the areas of leprosy, TB and HIV/AIDS.

The team presented Diwali sweets to the inmates of the Centre. IDF’s young ambassador Master Karan Dravid talked to the patients and asked them to narrate their stories. He also recited Dr. Abdul Kalam’s poem 'Song of the Youth' much to the pleasure of the patients and the staff as well.

A bright glimpse of happiness could be seen on the faces of the inmates as Diwali festival was celebrated with them. The patients thanked IDF team for visiting them on the festive occasion and blessed the young Karan in his mission towards serving the needy.

Sumanahalli is taking care of 120 leprosy, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS victims. It has a textile unit, leather unit and a candle making unit towards the rehabilitation of the patients. Some of the able bodied patients are involved in gardening and other related tasks.

Rev. Fr. George and Rev. Sr. Suma from the Centre expressed their thanks for arranging such a meaningful event during the festive occasion and sharing happiness with their Centre inmates.

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