Sunday, June 17, 2007

Students in Social Work

The IB (International Baccalareaute) students of Podar International School, Santacruz under CAS programme (Creativity, Action and Service) tied up with Indian Development Foundation's projects for their social service activities. Indian Development Foundation (IDF) (formerly Indian Leprosy Foundation) is a leading national NGO committed to health, education and development.

CAS Co-ordinator Mrs. Sarala Gavane led a batch of 16 students to Vimala Dermatological Centre, a leprosy/ TB project of IDF at Yari Road, Versova in the early hours of Saturday (June 16). IB Diploma Programme students have to undergo about 150 hours of social work in an year as per their curriculum and it is our privilege we are tied up with one of the national NGO like IDF for CAS programme, said Sarala Gavane.

The 17-year old Dhanvin Jhaveri expressed his feelings by saying `I was a bit scared to enter leprosy home for the first time, but today's visit has changed my perspective completely about the disease. Rohaan Talsania and Sehar Chumble, the two Podar students also expressed their impressions on the CAS activities and assured of all support in social programmes for the welfare of the poor. We are all happy to take part in social work which will help in transforming our lives too in the long run, said the students of Podar.

Dr. A. R. K. Pillai, President of IDF inaugurated the programme by giving details about IDF while Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, National Co-ordinator made a slide-show presentation on the scientific facts about leprosy and clarified the doubts of the students. Leprosy is not only a medical problem, but a social too, he said. Dr. Iyer said leprosy is completely curable and treatment is given free of cost across the country. Though the number of leprosy cases have come down drastically, but there are new incidences reported in some pockets in India where awareness in necessary.

The students went round the male, female and children wards of Vimala Centre and greeted the inmates for their speedy recovery. The students felt happy to see patients responding to their wishes in a more receptive manner.

Rev. Sr. Bertilla Capra, Director of Vimala Centre who has spent 35 years of her life in leprosy work, wished the students good luck in their assignments and thanked IDF for all its continued support.

IDF has designed a host of social service activities for Podar team to perform during the current academic year.
Dr. Sharad Nayampally and Mr. Sanjay Waghmare from IDF did the ground work to make the event a successful one.

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Dr. Ram Pillai said...

It was an enjoyable and satisfying experience with Podar IB students who came for the CAS Programme.

The CAS programme is well crafted to make young minds receptive to have a human face while facing their academic and life challenges.

Ms. Sarla Gavane, IB cordinator, Dr Narayan IDF National Cordinator with Dr Sharad Nayampalli and Mr Sanjay Waghmare made the programme memorable.

The Podarite Students made excellent presentations about their experience.

It was an excellent programme and I wish the team good luck.