Saturday, May 12, 2007

IDF Ambassadors

IDF is strengthened by getting two more Ambassadors for promoting humanitarian objectives in national interest.

Mr. Ashish Taskar who is pursuing his Chemical Engineering from IIT, Mumbai showed interest in social work. `I was very happy to see the Certificate issued by Indian Leprosy Foundation during my school days for participating in leprosy awareness and resource mobilisation programme', Ashish recollected. When I came to know that IDF is the new name for ILEF with broader perspectives, I felt very happy and I wish to join as a volunteer and support the poor and underprivileged children, added Ashish.

Mr. Nigil Rajan who is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Management Studies from Vivek College in Mumbai also had the same feelings like Ashish. I am currently working for a BPO, but I do feel like associating with social projects during my spare time and feel the satisfaction in life. Nigil too expressed his school days experience and said I was in 6th standard when ILEF had conducted leprosy awareness programmes in our school. Since it was meant only for senior students, I missed the chance of participating. But now I can fulfill my dream of supporting a social organisation like IDF, said Nigil.

Dr. Pillai and Dr. Narayan welcomed Ashish and Nigil and inducted them as IDF Ambassadors who will help in promoting the objective of IDF in national interest.

Earlier, Mr. Ketan Shah from Insurance Sector and Mr. Anand Swamy from Banking Sector were also inducted as IDF Ambassadors during the month of March 2007.

IDF now has 5 national and 3 international Ambassadors.

Mr. Karthick S. as the Social Entrepreneur while Mr. Ketan Shah, Mr. Anand Swamy, Mr. Ashish Taskar and Mr. Nigil Rajan are the Ambassadors.

The International Ambassadors are :-
Mr. Abraham Samuel, IDF Ambassador in Bahrain
Mr. T. N. Anil, IDF Ambassador in Botswana
Mr. Simon Sherpa, IDF Ambassador in Nepal

IDF welcomes people to join hands in the nation building activity and become Ambassador for Social Causes.

Don't miss the opportunity.
Why postpone goodness in life ?
You could be the next Ambassador.


RAJ said...

This is very good opportunity to students and working groop to serve the nation and help the poor who are in need of help. I congratulate Dr. ARK Pillai & Dr. Narayan B. Iyer for taking the initiative for making Indian Development Foundation to International level.

With best regards !

Jayaraja A. Acharya

Narayan said...

Thank you Jayaraja for your valuable comments. We do look forward to more people joining hands with IDF and promote the objectives in humanitarian interest. Good luck.